Leaper Vision Toolkit
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Leaper Vision Toolkit

High-performance library of Leaper vision tools

Leaper Vision Toolkit (LPV) is designed to help user build the widest range of machine vision applications with ultimate flexibility. LPV allows developers to write their own vision processing, configure multi-threading, and access all tool properties and options.

Take control of your machine vision systems

With LPV, users get proven, reliable Leaper vision tools and the freedom to build the widest range of machine vision applications including guidance, inspection, gauging, and identification.

Powerful, flexible and scalable

LPV is designed for OEMs and advanced vision systems developers in mind. Extensive libraries and user controls fully integrate LPV software into OEM and capital equipment machines.

Connect to IntelliBlink

IntelliBlink is a lightweight intelligent machine vision platform powered by Leaper Vision. You can use its WYSIWYG user interface to develop various optical location and measurement tasks via drag-and-drop operations, and benefits from its powerful algorithm toolkits. LPV is capable to connect to IntelliBlink seamlessly, helps you to make use of the easy-built IntelliBlink tasks, integrate, execute and manipulate them in a LPV application.

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